Celebrating 50 Years Since the
Return to Biblical Israel

Help Build a Living Testimony

to the Eternal Bond Between the People and Land of Israel

A Historic Building Project at the Exact Place
where the Jewish People entered the Land of Israel

"And all of Israel… had passed through the Jordan" (Joshua 3:17)


In the Book of Joshua (3:17), the Bible records how after forty years of traveling in the desert, the Jewish Nation finally - and miraculously - crossed the Jordan River into the Land of Israel to claim its eternal inheritance. Unfortunately, the site where this landmark event took place has been neglected.

Our Story

A historic building project has been initiated to turn this magnificent - but forgotten - biblical location into a living testimony of the eternal bond between the People and Land of Israel. Joshua's Crossing was created to bring back an ancient, transformational event back to life in the modern day State of Israel.

Our Mission

As the world continues to deny Israel's claim to its eternal homeland, our goal is build a thriving biblical attraction at the very place where the Jewish People entered the Land of Israel for the first time. Our dream is to bring millions of people to visit and experience the breathtaking majesty of Joshua's Crossing.


  1. 0 - Creation of the World

  2. 1948 - The Birth of our Forefather Abraham

  3. 2238 - Jacob and his family go down to Egypt

  4. 2448 - The Exodus from Egypt

  5. 2488 - Joshua's Crossing!

    The Jewish Nation enters the Land of Israel

  6. 2935 - First Temple is Built by King Solomon

  7. 3338 - First Temple is destroyed by the Babylonians

  8. 3412 - Second Temple is Built by Zerubabel

  9. 3829 (70 CE) - Second Temple is destroyed by the Romans

  10. 5708 (1948 CE) - The State of Israel is born!

  11. 5777 (2017 CE) - Today

    Israel celebrates its 69th birthday.
    The Joshua's Crossing project is on its way!