The project

As the world continues to deny the Jewish people's claim to their biblical homeland, what could be better than a living testimony - at the very place - where the Jewish Nation entered the Land of Israel for the first time?

The pioneers who returned to Israel's ancestral homeland had a dream for many years…

To bring "Joshua's Crossing" to life.

After investing tremendous resources into rebuilding the famous biblical city of Shiloh - where hundreds of thousands have already visited - the obvious next project was "Joshua's Crossing", which is located just a few minutes away.

Think about it for a second… this is where it all began!!

The first time the Nation of Israel entered the Land was at this exact spot!

Shortly after that awesome event, the Jewish Nation conquered the land and built the Tabernacle in the neighboring town of Shiloh.

What history! What significance!

All tourism needs to start RIGHT HERE… at Joshua's Crossing.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in one of the most significant building projects in Israel's history.

Place your stone in the very spot that connects Israel's glorious biblical past to the modern day Israel that we all love.

Place your stone today and help us bring this historic dream to life!